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30,000 Fans Expected at Tonight’s Game

Folks, we are anticipating an audience of over 30,000 fans for this high football game tonight. In which, I would like to mention and give a great deal of credit and big time thanks to the City of Compton, it’s Police Department, the Sherriff’s Department and the Brothers of the Sun Motorcycle Club. In addition, to the many organizational components ...

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The Gun

The gang banger pointed his gun at my temple, cocked it, and said, "Get outta the MF'n car." Which I did.

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Putting in the Extra Time to Get Better

While working and participating in high levels of competitions, both in the classroom and athletics, time management became a critical factor and the execution of those many responsibilities that I was required to do was an enormous feat, which I took care of from the most important to the least. I systemically identified them on a scale from one to ...

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Weekend Barbeques, Priceless!

As us kids (meaning my sister, brother and I) reluctantly had to admit, we were orphans of a broken family structure unit. Which I might add, had incredible huge implications upon the family unit as a whole in the form of loss fellowship, unity, financial loss and health issues – just to name a few. These are many examples of ...

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College Was My Grandmother’s Dream for Me

My grandmother always told me that I was better at baseball than basketball or football. Well then grandma, why in the hell did you tell that baseball scout for the California Angels that I would not be signing any contract at the age of sixteen,  because I was going to college? And, lo and behold, I later found out that the Saint ...

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