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Easter Egg Hunt

The experiences I had with and the things I learned from my brother growing up were priceless. Most notably the time when I was six years old, my parents had just recently divorced, and my brother stepped up to the plate and conducted himself like the man of the house. In spite of being devastated himself, he never showed any sign of weakness. He made sure that the rest of us and our feelings came first.

My parent’s divorced shattered my world. I hated them both for a long time. I could not understand how two people who had made a lifetime commitment together, could not get their shit together and keep the family—that they started—united.

When they first split, we went to live—temporarily—with my aunt, Wanda in her apartment on Santa Fe and Long Beach Blvd in Compton. It was springtime. Easter. Time for going to church in our brand new outfits even if we hadn’t been in months.

Now, on this particular Easter Sunday, my cousins and us kids begged my mom to drop us off at the Big Easter Hunt next to the Watts Towers. We counted on the recent family troubles to soften her up and let us go. This was the big time, not only did they have a lot of goodies for us to find (expensive candies, not junk), but somewhere there was a Golden Egg with $100.00 cash in it, just waiting to be discovered. You know who found that egg? Rainbow in the Dark!

I believe The Lord allowed me to find that egg. Giving us all a bit of a break from the dark shadow of the divorce. After the egg hunt was over and I got the prize for having found the Golden Egg, we all went to Jack in Box to grind. Of course, everybody reminded me who would be paying the bill.

We ate until we could not eat anymore. And for a few precious hours, we were allowed to be kids without a care in the world.

Thank you Golden Egg. That you Lord.

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