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Life Lessons

An Unexpected Break at the YMCA

You wouldn’t believe what happen while I was going to fulfill a prior financial commitment that I made to the Downtown Y.M.C.A Association of Seattle.  My company made a $5,000 donation to the charity organization and they wanted to use that money to clean one their Y.M.C.A building in West Seattle.  You know my company made that donation when times ...

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Substitute Teacher

We were running low on money and I needed to find a job.  By the way, good quality jobs are very difficult to find in Hawaii, especially if you are from the Mainland. Just so happen, the principal at Keonepoko Elementary School; Mrs. Kathy Romero. Found out who I was and asked me, while I was picking up my son ...

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A Fool and His Money

You know that “old saying in the Bible”; where it says that a fool and its money should depart quickly if not invested correctly.  Well, Lord and Be-hold, if that scripture was not correct.  I made some technical mistakes with that money and it departed from me just quickly as God allowed to make it.  I put that money into ...

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My Lack of Negotiating Skills Messed up Everything

During the Grand Opening of Crestwood Estates we sold 2 Units, but faced incredible competition from our direct neighbors to the south of us. Remember, this was one of the large development firms in Kirkland, WA, who received their building permit to construct another 800 units of basically the same townhomes that we were building right next door to us.  ...

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The Pitfalls of Rental Property

If you are going to own rental properties; you better stay on top of your tenants, because they surely will not take care of the place as you would.  Or, you would be advisable to utilize an excellent management company in order to manage your assets for you. It could possibly be costly otherwise. Like it was for my family ...

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Putting in the Extra Time to Get Better

While working and participating in high levels of competitions, both in the classroom and athletics, time management became a critical factor and the execution of those many responsibilities that I was required to do was an enormous feat, which I took care of from the most important to the least. I systemically identified them on a scale from one to ...

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