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My Second Touchdown in the NFL

Now, we have a chance to win it – right here, right now. If we can’t pick up 2 yards with the game on the line, we do not deserve to win. We are going for it gentlemen. This is what we are going to do! We are going to ram it down their damn throats. We are going to ...

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Giving Back

I was wondering, how could I and my Indianapolis Colts teammates make a small difference inthe lives of some under privileged kids and their families. So, during the Thanksgiving Holiday I rented a U-Haul truck and brought $5,000 worth of Turkeys and Hams and passed them out to families in low-income housing communities and rural farm country families around Indianapolis. ...

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Lambeau Field

I could feel a strong sense of pride, tradition and a rich history of championships won here during the Vince Lombardi days. In those same days as a young kid I was watching my NFL heroes, knowing that is exactly what I wanted to be doing when I grew up. Twenty years later, hot dam – it’s reality! Upon being ...

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My Brief Career in The NFL

I played in 4 games during my brief career in the NFL during that incredible moment of the pebble in the sand. I was voted the Offensive Most Valuable Player of the Week of the entire NFL League in Week 13 of 1988 against the Green Bay Packers in the legendary outdoor stadium of Vince Lombardi. Then, I was voted ...

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