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30,000 Fans Expected at Tonight’s Game

Folks, we are anticipating an audience of over 30,000 fans for this high football game tonight.

In which, I would like to mention and give a great deal of credit and big time thanks to the City of Compton, it’s Police Department, the Sherriff’s Department and the Brothers of the Sun Motorcycle Club. In addition, to the many organizational components and unifying facets of Compton High School, itself. Whether you’re talking about the Band, or the variety of other school services and society clubs that were available to assist with security and accommodations to facilitate our guest visitors from Arcadia. It was all done with class. And of course, at the home stadium of the Mighty Tarbabes (Ramsaur R Stadium).

Also: “The Good Old Concession Stand”. In which, Mrs. Maxine Kemp would have that place “off the hook” with great food. And of course, it was the favorite meeting spot where boys would meet girls, because they knew damn well they could not go over to the boys’ house or meet somewhere else.  But they would surely meet at the Concession Stand (pre-planned the week before) at a Compton High Football Game. This was in order to conduct handling their scandalous adolescent little business. Like trying to sneak under the bleachers to kiss and embrace resembling imperious love birds. Until our Head Security Personnel (Mr. Bell) would catch their asses making the connection to spoil their wet dreams…right in the climate of their erotic adventures.While threatening to tell their parents as they sat in the stands just above with their kids and grandchildren. But you know, I had friends, family and associates all over the state of California and just people in general, who I did not even know would be there assembled on Friday Nights under the lights at a Compton High School football game.

It was just a family, community and society function that people of all creed, color and sex enjoyed. Tradition it was, and a way of life that inspired young men to be wearing that Compton High School football uniform with intentions of being a starter and star on the football team.
However, I must admit a lot of them did indicate that they came to the game because of all the young beautiful girls we had at our school and beautiful people in general. Of which, I might add, it was paradise and then some. The ladies at Compton High School were simply the best in my humble opinion, and a lot of people would agree. Perhaps I am little biased here.

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