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Weekend Barbeques, Priceless!

As us kids (meaning my sister, brother and I) reluctantly had to admit, we were orphans of a broken family structure unit. Which I might add, had incredible huge implications upon the family unit as a whole in the form of loss fellowship, unity, financial loss and health issues – just to name a few. These are many examples of the terrible experiences that families go through when parent’s divorce and divide the cohesiveness of the family structure. However, sometimes it’s warranted and sometimes not.

Now, I like to listen to Dr. Leroy Eims from the Navigators, a Colorado-based Christian radio-listening program. He correctly points out that individuals (including their spouses, and especially the kids) are better off when the family stays together as opposed to breaking up in most cases, but not all. Just make sure you are not making the decisions for your own selfish reasons, but you think about the overall family unit.

My mom’s parents constantly offered to help, but mother adamantly refused several times…which was totally against us kid’s wishes or hopes. However, my mother had a great deal of strong pride, determination, will and stubbornness to do it herself. In some instances, that adversely affected us all, but my mother had our unconditional love and support for her.

I profusely hated that we were not connected as a unified family unit. We were still family, but separated and it sucked.

At the age of seven my family and I (except for my dad) were living in one of my grandparent’s duplexes behind their automotive repair shop, convention hall and leased restaurant businesses (Adele’s Bar-B-Que and soul food place, one of the best in Compton.) And that is saying a lot, considering it was directly in front of our residence. However, Compton had many great little restaurants as well. Such as Sizzle Steak House, and Golden Bird Fried Chicken (the original one) to which Oprah Winfrey sent her private jet and bought the place out, leaving none for us home towners…that’s great, Ms. Winfrey. You go girl!

Actually, there were many little “Mom & Pop” small businesses that were the corner stone of the community that had grinds that would totally knock your socks off, such as the Fish-n-Fry at the end of Magnolia on Wilmington (you guys from Compton and abroad know what I am talking about). Or perhaps the one on Rosecrans, next to the original first-built McDonald’s restaurant across the street from the liquor store, where you saw all your relatives and friends loading up. It was adjacent to Gonzales Park off Rosecrans and Dwight. Also, The Mexican burritos and taco shop off Wilmington had it going on – just to name a few. In addition, there was Winfrey’s Bar-B-Que off of Central Ave and of course the Burger Joint next to the car wash off of Compton Blvd. with the chili cheese, egg and bacon Colossal Burgers, literally to die for. If it didn’t kill you first!

No kidding, we were packing all those calories, but no one cared because it tasted that damn good. As you can tell, I am a fan of good-quality food, even though all of it may not be good for you in long run. I like to take it with an attitude of moderation and prime selection choices. Now, mainly I am of the persuasion of fresh fish, chicken, steak, pasta, organic vegetables, salads and freshly baked breads with a good quality cold beer or a Chateau. Those are the types of good grinds that I grew up with and would not trade it in for anything in the world. Especially the weekend barbeques at my grand-parent’s home or uncle Ed and aunty Annie’s house.  Priceless!