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Distracted Driving

Please do not make the same mistake that I am about to describe, because you may not be as lucky as I was. You just might not survive. I did not think I was going to survive. It’s only by God’s good grace and mercy that I lived to tell this tale.

Just thirty minutes into our drive from Toronto to Seattle (my future wife was in the car with me), I—like an idiot—go to change the CD and drop it. Reaching down to scoop it up (with the cruise control set at 65 MPH) I nudge the steering wheel and the next thing I know the car is swerving toward the concrete barrier that separates the north and southbound lanes of traffic. I fear that we are about to hit the wall and flip over it crashing into oncoming traffic, killing us and possibly others. As I braced for impact, I believe God reached down and spun us back to the right. (I know I did not turn the wheel, I was busy trying to disengage the cruise control.) Spinning like the coke bottle used to when we played spin the bottle and kissed the girls, the car made its way from the far left lane to the far-right lane. In seconds, that seemed an eternity, we crossed four lanes of traffic coming to rest just before an off ramp.

My future wife and I sat there “Buckwheat-eyed,” glued to our seats, amazed we were still alive. We exited the car, hugged, cried, and then, still in shock, we headed off to report the accident. Even though the car was sitting on all four tires and we had not hit anyone. Yes, we definitely were in shock.

It took us a good fifteen minutes, round trip, to find a residence, call the police, and get back to the car. Where, now that most of the shock had worn off, we realized that the car was in perfect working order. There was not so much as a scratch on it. In fact, and to our surprise, the car was still running. In our state of shock, we had forgotten to turn the car off. We had also spaced the bulky 1980’s cell phone that we had in the car with us.

We stood there, on the shoulder, and hugged again. “Thank you, Jesus!” I said as we got back into the car and cautiously pulled back into traffic.

Ever since that day I have vowed to never do anything that could distract me in any way while driving. No fumbling with CDs. No texting. No talking on the phone. No drinking and driving. No driving without a seatbelt on. Take it from me I was lucky. God took care of me that day, but that may not be the case next time so when driving, focus on that and nothing else. Protect your life as well of the lives of those in the car with you and those with who you are sharing the road.

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