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A Fool and His Money

You know that “old saying in the Bible”; where it says that a fool and its money should depart quickly if not invested correctly.  Well, Lord and Be-hold, if that scripture was not correct.  I made some technical mistakes with that money and it departed from me just quickly as God allowed to make it.  I put that money into the Stock Market, when in actuality, I should have given my wife at the time $10,000 to go spend however she wanted too on the kid’s and her. Plus, I should have contacted my Boys; Joe Huber, Jr. (my college roommate) and Brian Evans (another brother from a different mother).  These were my best friends and they knew how to make money and make it grow with minimum taxes or incredible tax breaks.  But oh no, I thought I knew what the hell I was doing, I put that money into some stocks without thoroughly investigating their Financial Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss Statements, Cash Flow Streams Revenues, because if I did.  I would have known, that these companies that I invested into weren’t doing very well and it was going to take them several years to dig themselves out the whole they were in and now that I found myself into with them.  Shit, I lost $100,000 cash in 6 months.  I stop the bleeding, but too late, shit I lost 75% of what I just had six months prior.  Oh shit I was sick to stomach to say the least. In which, I tell you one of the hardest thing I had to do was to go look my wife in the eyes and tell her that Sweetie I just lost $100,000 of our money into the Stock Market. She fell through the floor in total disbelief, especially after everything that we had just experienced a couple years earlier.