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An Unexpected Break at the YMCA

You wouldn’t believe what happen while I was going to fulfill a prior financial commitment that I made to the Downtown Y.M.C.A Association of Seattle.  My company made a $5,000 donation to the charity organization and they wanted to use that money to clean one their Y.M.C.A building in West Seattle.  You know my company made that donation when times were much better for us.  Nonetheless, they came calling and I gladly fulfilled my prior commitment that I made to them.  I went to go clean that whole dam building by myself, it took me a couple of weeks, but I got that shit done! However, on the last day while I was wrapping up the project and I decided to kick in a little bit more by pressure washing the basketball and tennis courts. My thinking was that these little kids and their parents or guardians would slip on this mossy, weeded and gummy surfaces.  So, I got busy and took care of it.  As I was putting everything away on this late Sunday evening.  A dignified and respectful gentleman that seemed to have wisdom assembled within the grains of his salt and pepper hair that reflect his age. He appeared from nowhere and came up to me and said; hey son! I said yes Sir, him being a senior citizenship and a veteran on the In’s and Out’s of the community as a whole. Science, politics, sports, arts, the environment, you name it, something told me that pop’s was on it. He said are that Ricky Turner from Washington State University, who was the quarterback during the 80’s and now that hot shot black contractor within the city?  I looked at him with amazement as to say pop’s how in the hell do you know whom I am?  He looked at my expressions and immediately said I know the who’s, who’s are! I tripped, I stood there dump founded, perplex and equally as ashamed and surprised what he proceeded to enlightened me on.  He said boy, don’t you know that Federal Government is about ready to spend a ton of money rehabilitating Holy Park Redevelopment?  They are about ready to spend millions of dollars completely rebuilding over 700 units of affordable housing right there in Holy Park.  He said boy, you better get over there and get your “share of the pie”.  I said no shit, pop’s?  He said hell ya, and your company is prime for the opportunity.  He said your company is Minority Business Certified, ya? I said you dam right we are. He said boy go over there and get your share of the public tax dollars and show them what type of true contractor that you really are and what black businesses are all about. I looked at him profound and thank him profusely as I stood there that I was not aware of these happenings.  Nonetheless, it was time to act I told him that I would keep him inform and we would go out and have dinner, you what he told me.  He said son that is not necessary I want to see your company on that project making money and that would be satisfaction enough for me. I stood there in total amazement by this gentleman wisdom, grace and intelligence. I hugged him and said good bye, as I rode the bus back to the residence that the Catholic Charity established for us, I couldn’t but help and think what a blessing this gentleman and I encounter was. It was almost life changing, not almost in fact it was.