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Substitute Teacher

We were running low on money and I needed to find a job.  By the way, good quality jobs are very difficult to find in Hawaii, especially if you are from the Mainland. Just so happen, the principal at Keonepoko Elementary School; Mrs. Kathy Romero. Found out who I was and asked me, while I was picking up my son and daughter from her school. To be their Guest Reader and Speaker to kick-off their New Library and Reading Program.  I agreed since I had over 20 years of experience during this kind of stuff for the Indianapolis Colts, Toronto Agronauts, Washington State University Cougars and Compton High School Tarbabes.  Fortunately, everything went great the kid’s and their parents ready enjoyed the event, especially the book I read, Little Red Fire Engine!  I am sorry I forgot the Author’s name and Publishing Company.  Immediately after I read the book and answered all the kids and parents questions on a variety of topics.  Mrs. Romero, comes up to me and say; Mr. Turner, you are natural born teacher! I said no way, Mrs. Romero, she said yes, I think you are Mr. Turner!  I should have listen to Mrs. Romero, at that particular time and became involved in the New Recruit Teacher’s Program under her leadership that she was trying to get me involve with.  That was a huge mistake on my part that would eventually come back around to hurt me or set me free.  However you want to look at it.  Since I needed a job and I had my College Degree, I became a Certified Substitute Teacher with the D.O.E in the State of Hawaii.  The pay was crappy with no benefits, but the kids were wonderful and gave me great satisfaction in their growth and development as I seen them progress. My hat goes out to Teachers I applaud their commitment, devotion and dedication to their profession. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to some wonderful educators, who incredibly help my growth and development as a Teacher.  Mr. & Mrs. Vicente, 3rd & 4th Grade Teachers; Keonepoko Elementary, Ms. Nakamura, 1st Grade Teacher; Keonepoko Eelementary, Mrs. Holopia, 2nd Grade Teacher, Keonepoko Elementary, respectively.