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Giving Back

I was wondering, how could I and my Indianapolis Colts teammates make a small difference inthe lives of some under privileged kids and their families. So, during the Thanksgiving Holiday I rented a U-Haul truck and brought $5,000 worth of Turkeys and Hams and passed them out to families in low-income housing communities and rural farm country families around Indianapolis. It was great and the families along with their children appreciated the gesture of kindness. However, I was not done yet with this charity giving thing. Since I had earned the respect of my teammates, I decided to jam them up for some money, in order to help a good cause. I decided that we were going to be Santa Clause for some deserving kids in Seattle, Washington, so I got the attention of the whole team before practice and asked if they could put some money or a check in the helmet as it came around to help these kids.

Eric Dickerson jammed me up, saying “hey Rick. Why are you doing this for Seattle kids, and not for kids here in Indianapolis?” Everyone in the locker room was intently waiting for my response. I said, well E.D., during Thanksgiving I gave out over $5,000 worth of Turkeys and Hams to the needy. Where were you? He quickly became silent. I said E.D., I know you are going to give a fat check with all that money you’re making, and everybody started laughing. I passed that helmet around in the morning and picked it up later that evening. Those fantastic Indianapolis Colts players gave over $23,892.00 in one day for those kids. After the equipment manager and I counted the money, we could not believe it. You know, most NFL players have big hearts and give a lot to their families, friends and charities that they believe in. I would like to sincerely express my appreciation to those players and coaches who gave.

You made a huge difference in a kid’s life, if not only for one day, but the impact you made that day would be with them for a lifetime. Also, my attorney Bill Hollowell and his family did a fantastic job in coordinating, organizing and putting on the event. It was absolutely “mind blowing”, you should have seen those kids. They were so happy and surprised. Thanks to everyone who gave from their heart to make a difference in a kid’s life. I do not care where they are in America, if I can help them, I will.

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