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Lambeau Field

I could feel a strong sense of pride, tradition and a rich history of championships won here during the Vince Lombardi days. In those same days as a young kid I was watching my NFL heroes, knowing that is exactly what I wanted to be doing when I grew up. Twenty years later, hot dam – it’s reality! Upon being escorted to our locker room while placing our bags in our lockers and picking up our snacks and NFL Pre-Game Magazines, I took a moment to walk out on the field where only a few of us were, just to soak up this amazing experience. It was cold as the North Pole at the tune of -5 below, quiet for now and ghostly misty. This was 2.5 hours before kick-off and I did not stay out there for long. Nonetheless I had to pinch myself, thinking all along that this is exactly where I belong…playing where legends played, as now I was on the field about ready to be displayed.

Please allow me to tell the truth here! We have such an amazing God, he takes extremely good care of us even when we are not worthy of it. Now, remember this was only my second week with the Indianapolis Colts and my second game that I would be participating in, and participating I was. They jumped out to an early lead and their quarterback was Dieter Brock, from the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the CFL. Dieter, was from my old buddy Mike Walker’sCFL professional football team in Canada. Our offense was not productive while the starting quarterback was in there and we were behind. At the start of the 3rd quarter we were still behind, then on the 2nd possession of the 3rd quarter, I got the call to go in. I was quietly thinking, Holy Shit – shit, shit, shit! What a time to have to go in the fucking game now. We were two points behind, it was now10 degrees below zero, freezing like hell…and we got the fucking ball at our own 1 yard line. I was scared as shit, but not showing it.

Coach Meyers looked me square in the eyes, saying“are you ready?” I said, ready as I’ll ever be Coach, Let’s do this. He called the play at mid-field, and I can vividly remember as I was hustling to get to the huddle. This was the worst-case situation that any quarterback could be facing, and especially one just coming on board. I can remember saying to myself when I got to the 30 yard line, forget about your fears and do what you have been always trained to do all your life since the age of 7. Those fears vanished just as quickly as they came and I took total control of the situation. I entered that huddle with confidence and command in my voice with only 20 seconds remaining before a game delay penalty would be called. I first let them know what our circumstances where. I said, “gentlemen…we can’t afford to have any penalties whatsoever, because if so, they get a safety, 2 points and the ball. We lose!!!

So, I am going to keep their asses in their stands for a long time.” I then quickly called the play and put the snap count on 3 and said,“maintain your discipline” as we rushed to the line scrimmage in order to execute the play. It was just I witnessed it as a kid. There were artic weather conditions, the field was frozen like ice and we were in a terrible situation and they had the lead and momentum. I was alsothinking to myself, this is just like at the WSU days (snatch a victory from jaws of defeat). Well anyway, I was barking out the signalsand it was loud as hell and rowdy. Smoke signals were bellowing from our guts, mouths and nostrils. The defense was becoming impatient while we tested their patience till the last 2 seconds before snapping that ball to run our play. And they thought it was going to be a running play to Eric Dickerson.

However, we switched it up and faked the dive to George Wonsley into the line of scrimmage on the left side and had Eric Dickerson pick up the blitzing linebacker on the right. Now for the record, I would like to say that Eric Dickerson was a much better blocker than people gave him credit for. He consistently and constantly blasted those linebackers and defensive backs for me.  Thanks E.D. After making a good fake to sell the defense on the run play, I quickly reversed and took a five step drop back and my receiver (Baldinger) became wide ass open about 40 yards down the field. He was so wide open I could not believe it, I was just standing there (approximately 1 second) holding the ball totally amazed and dumfounded. God sent a little voice in my head, saying throw the ball, then more urgent; now throw the ball, throw the fucking ball! I flipped my wrist and that missile shot out of there.

Yet, as I was finally being slammed violently to the ground I could see out of the corner of my eye that their free safety was hauling ass over there in order to intercept that pass and take it to their house for a touchdown. God shined upon me and the Colts Organization that day. That ball should have been intercepted by the Free Safety by all means, but thank God it was not. It went right through his hands as though it had oil on it and stuck to Baldinger’s claws like it had super-glue. Their outrageously loud and rambunctious rowdy crowd began to go eerily and deathly silent, while our sideline exploded in complete pandemonium racing down the sideline screaming and yelling at Baldinger to “go, go, go, Baldinger!”, while hauling ass towards our goal line. However, that 10,000 lb. elephant jumped on Baldinger’s back and their cornerback, “Flash Gordon” caught his butt at their 20-yard line.

I was elated as all get out, that the ball was not intercepted by their free safety and was caught by our receiver.