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My Second Touchdown in the NFL

Now, we have a chance to win it – right here, right now. If we can’t pick up 2 yards with the game on the line, we do not deserve to win. We are going for it gentlemen. This is what we are going to do! We are going to ram it down their damn throats. We are going to run a quarterback sneak on the first round. I said, Big Ray(talking to our 7 to 8-year All-Pro Center and impressive Linemen) I am going to be up your back, brothers…and I need 5 yards. He said “hang on baby and let’s do this.” We broke out of that huddle, fired up and determined as hell. I think those guys on that offensive line (including Pat Beach, as the Tight End) could and would have ran through a concrete brick wall that day. As their defensive linemen were digging their heels into the turf drawing their line of defense in the sand.

Linebackers pinched in between the cracks and defensive backs ready to fire off like minute-made-man midget missiles. Spreading their wide blanket area of coverage as our titans became comfortable and got situated. I waited for the right moment to make that first sound, it was very loud in their stadium. Their fans knew that this play was going to determine the outcome of this game. That moment came, and my bark of command to my offensive unit overshadowed their wishes. My complete offensive crew plunged, plowed and powered ahead for 4 yards. I was completely and totally in the end zone by 2 yards. That damn line judge took his freaking time in making the Touchdown Signal! In the meantime, I was under 2,000 pounds of beef – going through hell. Their players tried to poke my eyes out,twist my ankles and legs like spinning tops, and break my arms while they tried to wrestle the ball away from me as well as wipe my head off. That bastard line judge finally gave the signal TOUCHDOWN! As the referees came in to unearth that pile of destruction, I was losing consciousness from being swallowed like a sardine. My All-Pro center (after all the dust settled) plucked me up from the ground in celebration as our sideline went crazy in jubilation that we’d taken the lead for good. My helmet was half way off my head, my mouth piece got knocked somewhere and one cleat was off. My body felt as contorted as a dish washing sponge being rinsed and wrung. However, the game was not sealed…they had 53 seconds remaining in the game, too much time for the Miami Dolphins’ offensive unit in which to operate and score I thought.

And sure enough, with 3 seconds remaining they were at our 7-yard line ready to score the winning touchdown. During the last play of the game, Dan Marino dropped back in the pocket to connect with a wide-open Mark Drapper in the end zone for a touchdown. Lo and behold, our defensive tackle Harvey Armstrong gets his grizzly bear paw up and swats the pass away…and sure enough a game winning touchdown pass tumbles to the manicured, sandy lawn. We stormed off the field, victorious and totally elated that we had gotten another road victory. I was on Cloud 9 as we ran through the tunnel, their fans throwing beer, soda, popcorn and whatever the hell else they could get their gritty dirty little hands on at us, until security quickly stopped their offenses. I felt extremely good as I watched these huge beasts with their heads down lumber back in defeat to their locker room. Hell yes, I thought, better them than us!

We rocked in our locker room after the game. However, our business was not finished and complete yet. We still had 1 more game left in the regular season, again against the New York Jets in New York. Now as I indicated earlier, my Indianapolis Colts Team and I were on a roll since I arrived. We had won 7 out of 8 games and came from dead last in our division to a strong possibility of making the play-offs. As Eminem(the white rapper) accurately stated,“you get one chance in the big dance and you have to go for it!” As they say, leave nothing on the table, nothing in the gas tank and put your heart and soul into what you have been born to be…greatness – each and every one of you. To hell with what other people think, believe in God and yourself. Put in the hard work, dedication and devotion and God will make incredible things happen for you, as he did me.